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The Founder of Kabob Place started the business of the quality food outlet with the mission to provide delicate cuisine having exceptional taste and quality for all the food lovers.


Message from Founder:

I am just like any other person who is in hunt for some serious Kabobs, Karahi’s and Curries here in Richmond. Most of the places that I have been here in Richmond think that by adding retail box spices into meat will make a nice kabob. Unfortunately these are not the kabobs that we have eaten when we were growing up. There are many things to be considered while making right kabobs like, kind of meat, quality of meat, cutting of meat, marinate time, cooking time and temperature, what kind of spices. All of these steps are very important in order to make real kabobs. And same applies to Karahi’s and Curries.

Other important part is chef, it’s just like for a good auto shop you have to have a good experienced certified auto mechanic. So I am teaming up with very famous Northern Virginia Restaurant Kabob Palace’s EX-Chef (Rasheed). Rasheed has been cooking at Kabob Palace Arlington, VA since 2003. So he will be joining us here in Richmond for our first location.

When it comes to pricing you just cannot go low on your quality and sell food at cheaper price. I have worked out a way where food quality is A+ and prices are very affordable for those who are on low budget.

Our daily menu is different everyday beside kabobs, so all food is cooked everyday early in the morning. All kabobs and Karahi’s will be made to order hot & fresh with choice of spicy/mild.

I am planning to open two more locations in next two years. One in VCU area and other one in Midlothian area. I will keep you all update as we pick location for these areas in near future.


Thank you, I look forward seeing you all at Kabob Place

Now let’s burn some charcoals.



Contact us to book a table for any occasion. We accept reservations for up to 20 people.

Kabob Place 8906 W Broad St # G Richmond VA 23294 Email: PH (804) 346-3500

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